Mania Maker – R38 – Speed Runners Edition

Here is R38 – Speed Runners Edition, forgot to drag over the little blue emerald so now those special stage options can be used…that’s all that’s new in this one.

Download Here:


Mania Maker – R37 – Speed Runners Edition

New Release, added more values that might be interesting to those needing them as well as Left Bumper Quick Reset and Left Trigger Dev Menu. if using an Xbox 360 controller just tap Left Bumper to quickly reset the level, or Press the left trigger THEN the Left Bumper to the Dev Menu.

Download Here.


Mania Maker – R3.6 – Speed Runners Edition

This is the first release if Mania Maker Speed Runners edition, changed to show needed values for speed runners and reduced cheat functionality with only those things needed for speedrunners to practice.

Must be running the latest Steam version.

edit:Fixed Moveset Writing issue.

Download Here.


CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Generations R1

This is the first release of my cheat table I’ve been working on for Sonic Generations. along with player coordinates and basic cheats, it has the camera values pointer to allow for camera movement.

Download Here:


CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces R1.6

The latest update, this includes in-depth wispon modification, boost modifications, Special Always Ready, Special Gauge Stays Full, Current Level loading modification (for developers only), proper ultrawide and no hud addresses and values and more.

Download Here:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R16-Pub

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table – Freedom Planet 2 Sample Version 1.0.6

Here is a small cheat table with free camera, and basic cheat values. for the demo version of freedom planet 1.0.6

Download Here:


CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces – R1.5

This is a new build for the latest version of the game. the cheat table you need to use must match the one listed in the cheat table itself for features to work properly. make sure you update.

Download here:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R15pub

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table for Sonic Forces R1.4.1

Here is the latest Cheat Table for Sonic Forces. It Adds Avatar Customization, Item & Wispon unlocking.

Download HERE:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R141

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces R1.3C

Back again after 2 game updates. this new version features a rebuilt Coordinates script since it was not working in all instances. new scripts for Boost and Acceleration Modification, as well as LightingFX and Junk Size Modification. this also has new camera control keybindings as well as new camera control values for proper pitch adjustment.

Remeber if you use this for your work remember to link my youtube channel ” and hit me up on Twitter @CodenameGamma to let me know what you make.

Download Here:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R13C


CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces R1.1B


Heres the new one, for testing only.

New Camera Values,

Red Ring values and scripts.

Fixed Coordinates and Movement Pointer Names / Fixes.

Not for regular use…wait for a better build if you just wanna mess around.

Download Here

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R11