Mania Maker – R3.6 (Regular Edition)

Whats new in this version:

Automatic settings for Moveset and Shield Effect. this stops ManiaMaker from overwriting shields or movesets and in turn messes up mod showcase videos.


Download Here:


Mania Maker – R38 – Speed Runners Edition

Here is R38 – Speed Runners Edition, forgot to drag over the little blue emerald so now those special stage options can be used…that’s all that’s new in this one.

Download Here:


Mania Maker – R37 – Speed Runners Edition

New Release, added more values that might be interesting to those needing them as well as Left Bumper Quick Reset and Left Trigger Dev Menu. if using an Xbox 360 controller just tap Left Bumper to quickly reset the level, or Press the left trigger THEN the Left Bumper to the Dev Menu.

Download Here.


Mania Maker – R3.6 – Speed Runners Edition

This is the first release if Mania Maker Speed Runners edition, changed to show needed values for speed runners and reduced cheat functionality with only those things needed for speedrunners to practice.

Must be running the latest Steam version.

edit:Fixed Moveset Writing issue.

Download Here.


Sonic Mania PC – Cheat Table (V2) for Patch 1 (Unreleased)


This is my Ultimate Cheat Table, designed for Release 1st version of the game was never released release because on the planned release day the game updated and a scramble to update to the latest version of the game had to happen. so while this will not help anyone I figured its good to have it somewhere for legacy reasons.

Download Here. SonicManiaV1-Release

Sonic Mania PC – Cheat Table (2.1) for Patch 2


This is the Ultimate Cheat Table released to work with Patch 2. please note this is NOT compatible with any other version of the game.

Download Here: SonicManiaV21

Press Garden Zone Act 1 Unused Objects Test Map for Mod Loader


Here is the Unused Object Test Map, I made for testing all the Press Garden Zone Act 1 unused objects. this is version 3 of this test map as my understanding of some objects evolved so did the placement and settings of them. Both the SP500’s are intact and working, as well as the Ink Jars. the Inking Function for Sonic works, but they changed how Sonic’s Pallet works after this was scrapped so the game writes color data to the wrong places.

To use you must be running a compatible mod loader version for your copy of Sonic Mania. extract the zip file to your ModLoaders “mods” folder and then go to Press Garden Zone Act 1 to load the test level. note that this level cannot be completed without the use of debug mode and was made for testing only.

Download Here: PSZ1UnusedObjects

Lava Reef Zone Act 1 Beta DrillerDriod Restoration For Mania ModLoader


Here is my Map edit and effort to restore the Old DrillerDriod Boss that was left in the game and get it working as the developers intended. if the boss had stayed in the game it would have functioned much like this.

To use, you need the Mod Loader for your version of the game. Download and extract it to your mod loaders “mods” folder. after that go to LavaReef Zone Act 1.

Download Here: LRZDrilldroid

EggJanken Restoration For Mania ModLoader.


Here is my Studiopolis Zone Act 2 Map Edit to get EggJanken Working in Game. To use this you need to use the correct version of the Sonic Mania Mod Loader for your version of the game and install it into your Sonic Mania Folder, then unzip this folder into the mods folder. after that, you should be able to load the modded stage and play against the boss.

Download Here: SPZ2EggJanken

ManiaMaker r34


Been a little while, but we have a new version with some fixes, special stages should no longer bug out if your moveset is changed and we now have emerald management as special stage cheats like “Never Waste Big Rings” so you can keep trying a Special Stage if you don’t get it. as well as locking the time on Special Stages so you can take as long as you want.

Download Here:!J5oWSbCB!tsDUQ9cvOBArBa9gbHo3NN-PjjAGe8Ucf5fIjPmZn0s