Sonic Forces Boundary Break Custom Avatar Item Pack.

Here are the Custom Avatar Items made for the Sonic Forces Episode of Boundry Break. To use extract the zip folder into the Hedgemod Manager Mod folder and enable the Mods you wish to use, then set them in game. The ones in the picture are the ones that get replaced.


Download Here: Boundary Break Avatar Parts Pack

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces R1.8

The latest update Now includes Proper Camera movement via a script along with new scripts for Disable Wispon Boundaries and other Features.

Download Here:  CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R18

Sonic Forces Freecam Mod R1.1

EDIT: Updated to R1.1 Fixed issues with crashing under windows 7

This is a Mod for Sonic Forces, that allows for manipulation of the in-game Camera and during normal gameplay and cutscenes. This mod has been created for use with the Forces Mod Loader, and XInput Controllers. Recommended Controllers are Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 Controllers. This mod was Written by SuperSonic16 (@TheSuperSonic16) based on research by me (@CodenameGamma)

To Use: Drag the into the open HedgeModManager and it will be installed automatically or extract Copy the “SonicForcesFreeCam” folder into the HedgeModManager Mod Folder, then Enable the mod in the HedgeModManager to use.

While in Game or during a Cutscene Press L1 + R1 (Left Bumper & Right Bumper) at the same time to Activate or Deactivate the Freecam Mod. Activating the Freecam Mod will Disable the HUD in Game and Pause Time Moving the Left and Right Sticks will control the camera. Pressing B will Resume Time, as well as Pause it. Left Trigger can Teleport or Drag Your Character around to where the Camera is currently Located. Right, Trigger Speeds up movement allowing you to move at greater speed while Held.

Download Here:


Alt Download – GameBanana:

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces R1.6

The latest update, this includes in-depth wispon modification, boost modifications, Special Always Ready, Special Gauge Stays Full, Current Level loading modification (for developers only), proper ultrawide and no hud addresses and values and more.

Download Here:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R16-Pub

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table for Sonic Forces R1.4.1

Here is the latest Cheat Table for Sonic Forces. It Adds Avatar Customization, Item & Wispon unlocking.

Download HERE:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R141

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces R1.1B


Heres the new one, for testing only.

New Camera Values,

Red Ring values and scripts.

Fixed Coordinates and Movement Pointer Names / Fixes.

Not for regular use…wait for a better build if you just wanna mess around.

Download Here

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R11

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces R1

Here is my latest cheat table for Sonic Forces it has scripts as well as value for Rings, Time, Score, Boost and Player Coordinates.

to use the Pointers Green Pointers you must activate them, then while in game unpause after you do they should populate with the correct address.

Please note due to the way the game handles Rings, Time, & Possibly Score, it is not recommended to lock these values as doing so will cause the game to crash when loading a level. The scripts can be left enabled all the time without issue.

Moon Jump can cause issues on certain stages particularly ones that do things like reverse gravity, please disable it on these levels to avoid issues.

Download Here:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R1

Sonic Forces 21:9 (2560×1080) Ultrawide Patch Tutorial!


What you need:

  • Sonic Forces – Steam Version Launch Version (will not work on other patches but will make updates if new ones come out)
  • a Hex Editor. I Recommend HxD You can download it Here

Open Your Hex Editor and go to Offset: 1DBC634

once there change the 4 bytes of 39 8E E3 3F  to 26 B4 17 40 in HxD type them out one at a time to replace DO NOT INSERT BYTES. after that, you can save and run the game. change to your native or Ultrawide resolution if not already and it should be in Proper 21:9

This Edit was found by slashiee