Mania Maker – R3.6 (Regular Edition)

Whats new in this version:

Automatic settings for Moveset and Shield Effect. this stops ManiaMaker from overwriting shields or movesets and in turn messes up mod showcase videos.


Download Here:


Mania Maker – R38 – Speed Runners Edition

Here is R38 – Speed Runners Edition, forgot to drag over the little blue emerald so now those special stage options can be used…that’s all that’s new in this one.

Download Here:


Mania Maker – R3.6 – Speed Runners Edition

This is the first release if Mania Maker Speed Runners edition, changed to show needed values for speed runners and reduced cheat functionality with only those things needed for speedrunners to practice.

Must be running the latest Steam version.

edit:Fixed Moveset Writing issue.

Download Here.