CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces R1

Here is my latest cheat table for Sonic Forces it has scripts as well as value for Rings, Time, Score, Boost and Player Coordinates.

to use the Pointers Green Pointers you must activate them, then while in game unpause after you do they should populate with the correct address.

Please note due to the way the game handles Rings, Time, & Possibly Score, it is not recommended to lock these values as doing so will cause the game to crash when loading a level. The scripts can be left enabled all the time without issue.

Moon Jump can cause issues on certain stages particularly ones that do things like reverse gravity, please disable it on these levels to avoid issues.

Download Here:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R1

Sonic Forces 21:9 (2560×1080) Ultrawide Patch Tutorial!


What you need:

  • Sonic Forces – Steam Version Launch Version (will not work on other patches but will make updates if new ones come out)
  • a Hex Editor. I Recommend HxD You can download it Here

Open Your Hex Editor and go to Offset: 1DBC634

once there change the 4 bytes of 39 8E E3 3F  to 26 B4 17 40 in HxD type them out one at a time to replace DO NOT INSERT BYTES. after that, you can save and run the game. change to your native or Ultrawide resolution if not already and it should be in Proper 21:9

This Edit was found by slashiee

Mania Maker r36


Updated to R3.6

  • Fixed Debug not pulsing keeping it activated.
  • Added Automatic to Moveset and Shield Effect to stop changes when not actually set to something wanted.
  • maybe lowered pulse time for testing…not a super big deal.

Download Here: ManiaMakerR36


Sonic Mania PC – Cheat Table (V2) for Patch 1 (Unreleased)


This is my Ultimate Cheat Table, designed for Release 1st version of the game was never released release because on the planned release day the game updated and a scramble to update to the latest version of the game had to happen. so while this will not help anyone I figured its good to have it somewhere for legacy reasons.

Download Here. SonicManiaV1-Release

Sonic Mania PC – Cheat Table (2.1) for Patch 2


This is the Ultimate Cheat Table released to work with Patch 2. please note this is NOT compatible with any other version of the game.

Download Here: SonicManiaV21

Sonic 2 HD – Basic Cheat Table


Here is my Basic Cheat Table for Sonic 2 HD.

Download Here: S2HD

Sonic CD 2011 (Steam) Cheat Table


Here is my Cheat Table for the 2011 version of Sonic CD on Steam.

Download Here: soniccd

Sonic CD Gets Dropdash!


Here is my Mania Maker Mini Implementation of Sudo Dropdash for the 2011 version of Sonic CD on Steam. you MUST be running the latest version to use it.

Download Here:!R0glFSIK!FgWR65RogJSeZ_-bvn44zwFHZylp7KjjSbCHPjNAY6A

Press Garden Zone Act 1 Unused Objects Test Map for Mod Loader


Here is the Unused Object Test Map, I made for testing all the Press Garden Zone Act 1 unused objects. this is version 3 of this test map as my understanding of some objects evolved so did the placement and settings of them. Both the SP500’s are intact and working, as well as the Ink Jars. the Inking Function for Sonic works, but they changed how Sonic’s Pallet works after this was scrapped so the game writes color data to the wrong places.

To use you must be running a compatible mod loader version for your copy of Sonic Mania. extract the zip file to your ModLoaders “mods” folder and then go to Press Garden Zone Act 1 to load the test level. note that this level cannot be completed without the use of debug mode and was made for testing only.

Download Here: PSZ1UnusedObjects

Lava Reef Zone Act 1 Beta DrillerDriod Restoration For Mania ModLoader


Here is my Map edit and effort to restore the Old DrillerDriod Boss that was left in the game and get it working as the developers intended. if the boss had stayed in the game it would have functioned much like this.

To use, you need the Mod Loader for your version of the game. Download and extract it to your mod loaders “mods” folder. after that go to LavaReef Zone Act 1.

Download Here: LRZDrilldroid