ManiaMaker r34


Been a little while, but we have a new version with some fixes, special stages should no longer bug out if your moveset is changed and we now have emerald management as special stage cheats like “Never Waste Big Rings” so you can keep trying a Special Stage if you don’t get it. as well as locking the time on Special Stages so you can take as long as you want.

Download Here:!J5oWSbCB!tsDUQ9cvOBArBa9gbHo3NN-PjjAGe8Ucf5fIjPmZn0s

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table for Sonic Mania Version 3.7.1

3.7.1Heres 3.7.1, it has more options and a very awesome guy named K1d_5h31d0n contributed more values as well as cleaning up, organizing and spell checking the cheat table. I don’t think it gets much better than this. Enjoy.


Download Here: SonicMania3.7.1-pub