CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table – Freedom Planet 2 Sample Version 1.0.6

Here is a small cheat table with free camera, and basic cheat values. for the demo version of freedom planet 1.0.6

Download Here:


CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table For Sonic Forces – R1.5

This is a new build for the latest version of the game. the cheat table you need to use must match the one listed in the cheat table itself for features to work properly. make sure you update.

Download here:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R15pub

CnG’s Ultimate Cheat Table for Sonic Forces R1.4.1

Here is the latest Cheat Table for Sonic Forces. It Adds Avatar Customization, Item & Wispon unlocking.

Download HERE:

CnG’sUltimateCheatTable-Sonic Forces-R141